The Managing Director's Office


The department and has two offices;

  • MD - Managing Director
  • CEO- Chief Executive Officer
The Managing Director (MD) Oversees the company's operations and heads the Management Team and is responsible for:
  • Leading and developing the management team
  • Developing management plans
  • Informing the  Board of Directors on company affair
Mr. Willy.K.Kiryahika




The Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) assists the MD/CEO in the general operation of the company including the strategic development of the company. The responsibility of the DCEO is within the Finance/corporate efficiency, internal processes and employees.

The Deputy CEO is responsible for

  • Providing strategic direction and ensuring financial sustainability of the company
  • Maintaining efficient operations.
  • Ensuring high customer satisfaction, external stakeholders’ confidence and retention of competent employees.
  • Have a special focus on efficient transmission and system operation business.

Public Relations Section
The public Relation section reports to the  MD/CEO’s Office, however, the function is delegated to the DCEO for supervision.

The section has an obligation to :

  • Manage strategic corporate communications so as to create a mutual understanding between the company and its public.
Mr. Katabira Valentine

MD's Department Organisation Chart

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